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We consistently build quality homes and provide dedicated service to all of our homebuyers. To safeguard your peace of mind in your new home investment, we have partnered with the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association to provide a warranty program to our homeowners.  

During the builder’s one-year limited warranty period, Landmark Builders Group will be responsible for completing a one-time request for all warranty work near the end of your warranty period. We ask that all warranty work be requested in writing by the end of the tenth month following your closing date. However, if emergencies occur concerning plumbing, electrical work, and heating and air conditioning systems during the warranty period, please contact the vendor directly in order to expedite the repair. We provide all of the necessary contact names and numbers in your HomeProfile for your convenience. Please report the repair request to our office so that we may follow up with the vendor and note the repair in your warranty file. 

In addition to the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association warranty program, your home will be enrolled in an 8 year limited warranty  program  with Residential Warranty Corporation (RWC), one of the nation’s oldest and largest providers of written insured warranties on new homes, providing homeowners with a strong foundation of security for their home.  You can be assured that your home is being built by a qualified professional by selecting a Builder who is a Member in one of our programs.  RWC Members are thoroughly examined every year for:
• Financial stability,
• Customer satisfaction and
• Technical competence. 
Additionally, RWC Members must comply with specific construction standards in order to have their homes warranted. 
A clearly written warranty book provides all the details on what is covered under the RWC program and what is not covered.  Additionally, every RWC warranty comes with a tried and true dispute resolution process.  Even with a written warranty, Builders and Homeowners may not always see eye to eye.  Fortunately for both parties, the RWC Limited Warranty includes an arbitration process to resolve disputes quickly and inexpensively.
An RWC warranty is an excellent sales tool should you decide to sell your home during the warranty period.  The balance of the warranty will transfer automatically to the next owner for the remainder of the warranty term.
Homeowner Handbook
You will receive a Homeowner Handbook which sets forth our repair and warranty responsibilities in simple, easy-to-understand terms. One of the purposes of the Homeowner Handbook is to define and describe home construction performance standards that are common in the Atlanta area. These standards are based on the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines from the National Association of Home Builders as well as other warranty resources; and have been developed and approved by the membership of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association after careful analysis of industry standards and accepted building practices in Georgia.

Landmark Builders Group also provides each homeowner with a Maintenance Check List. Your new home is designed and built to last for many years, and yet your home has numerous components and equipment that require periodic maintenance by the homeowner. By implementing the preventive maintenance guidelines outlined in the  Maintenance Check List, you can help keep the components of your home functioning properly with as few problems as possible. . 
Home Profile

Landmark Builders Group cares about our homeowners both before and after the sale of our homes.  Because we place a priority on your satisfaction we are pleased to offer the HomeProfile system. 

If you are currently one of our homeowners, and would like to access the system, please click on the link below to log in to your HomeProfile service to access information or a submit warranty request.

Please remember to have your HomeProfile username and password available.

About HomeProfile:
Accessing home information has never been easier.  My HomeProfile allows homeowners to retrieve their home information, submit service requests and send questions to Landmark with the click of a mouse. 

Within their private "My HomeProfile" account homeowners are able to access subcontractor and material information about their home. Also, they have access to home specific manuals and warranty documents.  

In addition to viewing home information, "My HomeProfile" homeowners can also submit questions or issues related to their home to Landmark through a "Service Request" system. 

Homeowners simply submit their request online and Landmark will be able to promptly respond, and track its completion. 

Please click on the link below to go to the HomeProfile website for more information.

HomeProfile Home

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